August 18, 2014

Adventures in Mommyhood: Living Simply

Since I left my job a few months ago and am now a full-time stay at home mom, I have been determined for us to live a more simple life as a family, especially since we don't have the extra income.  From meal planning, to starting a garden, to having our own chickens, to now becoming a very good financial planner and budgeting every single penny....beginning a simple life isn't that simple. Yes, in the long run things will be much simpler, some things already are, but at first when you try and de-clutter your life if you will, it can be a challenge. It takes a little bit of work to get things in order, but oh so worth it.

We started a garden and grow a few vegetables and now they are starting to be ready to eat and we love it, saves us so much time going to the store. It took my husband a whole day to build the garden and get things planted, but one hard days work and a few weeks of of tlc and now we have an abundance of fresh veggies. Same thing with our chickens, one hard days work putting the coop together and a fence and getting supplies and a few months later, our chickens are  producing eggs, we are not eating the chickens, just using them for eggs :)

Now on the the cleaning and managing of the household part. I work off of schedules and lists constantly. I think I have a pad of paper in every room, even the bathroom, when I get an idea or see something that needs to be bought or done. Lists are everywhere in my life. I invested in a planner from staples and am using that to stay organized. This planner has made my life so much easier, everything is organized in one place and I love it. It keeps me on track with everything.

Here's how my planner is organized:

Monthly and Weekly Calendar
Meal Planning
(Lilly's Daily Routine and House Cleaning Routine)
Blog Stuff
(Shopping lists, wish lists, ideas, etc)
(Bill Payment Checklist, Monthly Calendar)

Things are going a lot more smoothly lately and the planner is really helpful! There are tons of weekly cleaning checklists you can check out on Pinterest and find great planner printables on Etsy to fit your planner and your style :)

August 15, 2014

Pre-Birthday Shopping Spree

So since my 25th birthday is next week, I decided to get myself a few things and have a mini shopping spree :) I found some awesome things at Old Navy and Banana Republic. Apparently I am loving black, white, and navy blue at the moment ;)

The bag I got on sale at Banana Republic and the pics online don't do it any justice. BR has friends and family going on right now and 30% off on sale items, so I got this bag for less then $100. This bag is going to be a great purse/diaper bag this fall and winter! It has a ton of pockets and compartments on the outside and inside of the bag. I am definitely looking forward to doing a packing video or post for this bag when I use it so stay tuned for that :) 

All the clothes and the "Holy Chic" canvas tote and baseball tee I got from Old Navy. Like always they have some great sales going on right now so I take a little advantage when I go in there. Again I walked away with all of these pieces for less then $100. That's always my goal when I go on a "shopping spree" many things can I get for less then $100???...ready, set, go!

August 13, 2014

Lilly's ONE-derful Celebration!

I cannot believe Lilly is 1 year old already! This year has come and gone and it was filled with some of the sweetest moments, sleepless nights and days, and I've overcome a lot of hurdles as a first time mom and still finding my way on this journey. So to celebrate Lilly's first year I wanted to have a fun celebration at our house with our friends and family. And although it poured down rain the whole day, everyone came and had a great time! 

Take a look inside the low budget birthday celebration
(The Dollar Tree is my best friend ;-) )

 Lilly's bloomers 

Drink station and gift table
Pom Poms I got from Tuesday Morning
Mason Jars and table cloth from Dollar Tree
Drink bins borrowed from my parents
Red and Blue stripe straws from Target

 Streamers from Dollar Tree
Signs from Hallmark
Picture frames from TJMaxx and Marshalls

 Cupcakes from local grocery store
Plates and napkins from Dollar Tree
Sign from Hallmark
Streamers from Dollar Tree
 Highchair Banner from Hallmark
Bib from local boutique, Gullah Gourmet (it sang "Happy Birthday")
Party Hat was a gift
Mason jar sippy cup and balloons from Dollar Tree

Pigs in a blanket
Fruit bowl
Pasta Salad
Baby Treats: cheerios, gold fish, grhamm crackers, puffs, applesauce, mum mums
Condiments holder from Target
Pom Pom toothpicks from Tuesday Morning

 Showing off her birthday outfit

 Sign from Hallmark

This face is priceless :)