November 25, 2014

CVS Haul 11/25/14

So lately I have been really trying to research sales and coupon every week. From the weekly adds that come in the newspaper to and receiving coupons when you shop, I am making it my mission to save my family as much money as possible. Two of the best places that I have started with are Target and CVS. There are a ton of ways to save at both and today I saved about $26 on my purchase at CVS and got back almost half of what I spent out of pocket in rewards to use on my next purchase! 

So here is everything I got broken down:

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese .99 and got .99 extra care buck back = FREE
Tide Simply Clean and Fresh sale $2.94 (usually about $8 or more)
Vitamin Water $1.50 and got $1.50 extra care buck back = FREE
Green Giant Canned Veggies .99 and got .99 extra care buck back = FREE
Starbucks Double Shot on sale $1.50 and got $1.50 back = FREE
Folgers Gourmet Coffee on sale $7.99(usually about $10-$11) and got $1 back = $6.99
Robutussin on sale $1.50 and got $1.50 back = FREE
Hershey's and Mars Single Chocolates are on sale .79 and got .79 back = FREE
Select 5 Gum flavors on sale $1 and got $1 back = FREE
Advil travel size on sale .99 and got .99 back = FREE

Original retail total before sales was about $46
After using CVS card $25
$2.00 extra care buck coupon brought entire total to $23 out of pocket
Earned about $11 in extra care bucks back to use so it was really like paying $12 for everything!
How amazing is that ?!?

Leave me a comment if you'd like to see more of my couponing and money saving adventures :)

November 24, 2014

Must Have Monday: Monogrammed Gifts

With the Holidays quickly approaching, one of the best gift ideas out there for anyone on your list is something personalized just for them. Monogrammed gifts are the perfect option for the holidays or anytime of year really. One company that specializes in a fabulous assortment of personalized gifts I have grown to love is Marley Lilly. From bags, to clothing, to jewelry, to accessories and even shoes, Marley Lilly has a great variety of fashionable products that are sure to be a great option for you and everyone on your gift list!

A couple of my favorite items from Marley Lilly is the Monogrammed Tassel Bracelet and the Luxe Cross Body Clutch. The bracelet is the perfect accessory for any outfit and comes in a variety of different tassel colors so you can choose the best color to match your style. I personally love the tan tassel because it goes with everything! The clutch is so classic in its shape with a removable chain strap and comes in a variety of different colors as well and even a couple of fabrications. Every item with Marley Lilly can be personalized with different monogramming styles to choose from for each piece.

This year for Black Friday Marley Lilly is giving a FREE Christmas Plaid Blanket Scarf (pictured on me below) with every $100 order starting on Wednesday! So head over this week and get some of the gifts checked off your list for this Holiday season!
Happy shopping :)  

This scarf is so comfy! I am probably going to wear it everyday that it is cold here :) It is truly a must have this year!

November 20, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Week 2

Ok so I only have 3 outfits to show you this week. I did a lot of house cleaning and organizing last week so there were only a few days I actually got out of the house and got dressed. So here is what I wore:
 Obsessed with my little black sweatshirt from Banana Republic! It is so comfortable and I love how it looks with a white button down underneath it.

So this weekend was so cold here and I got to actually bundle up a couple of times. The lighting is horrible in this pic but it was night time and I wanted to show you all the outfit. 
Scarf Old Navy(last year) / Navy Sweater Loft / Jeans Old Navy / Steve Madden Boots (2 years ago)

This is the outfit I wore to do a little shopping after we had a yard sale this past Saturday. It was possible the coldest morning ever here and yes we had a yard sale...and on top of that we made $100! I couldn't believe it, so we went to a couple of shops and got some necessities and Christmas presents with our earnings. 
Jacket, Sweater Old Navy / Leggings Gap Outlet (last year) / Boots Rack Room / Scarf Target

November 19, 2014

My Holiday Wishlist

My Holiday Wishlist

My Holiday Wishlist by nataliemorelliwaters featuring J.Crew

Tis' the season for gift guides and wishlists flooding the internet. So in order to take part, here's a little peak at some of the things on my Christmas wishlist this year. Some beauty related items I'm wishing for are some essential oils, anything cake/cupcake flavored, a foot spa, and any cute little makeup samples to try out. In books and music I'm really wanting Grace Potter's book of photographs of her and her band from the past 10 years performing and behind the scenes (it's also signed by her!), a few of the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks (I love her and watch her show any chance I get and use a ton of her recipes), and I'm also really enjoying Florida Georgia Line this year so I would love to have their CD's to listen to in my car. In fashion related items I'm wishing for a black and brown reversible market tote, a new phone case (really love the leather stripe from JCrew), would love a Ted Baker large bow cosmetic pouch (frankly I'm just obsessed with bows right now so anything with a bow I'll love), and I have a plaid scarf pictured but I already have 2, but I love scarves in general so they make a great gift.

So that's pretty much everything on my wishlist this year....what's on your list? Would love to see your wishlists and/or gift guides so link them in the comments :)

November 17, 2014

Must Have Monday: Mad About Plaid

Must Have Monday: Mad About Plaid

Must Have Monday: Mad About Plaid by nataliemorelliwaters featuring tartan plaid shoes

It wouldn't be fall without plaid! And plaid is definitely having a huge moment right now compared to the past few seasons. From buffalo plaid, to plaid pants, to plaid in accessories, to plaid outerwear, and even plaid in our home thing is certain that everyone is "mad about plaid" this season. I'm definitely lusting over the plaid pant trend, however, I'm not too certain I could pull them off personally, but I love seeing them. Even in baby and kids wear, there are plaid pants and coats and cute shirts right now. So if you try anything new this season, or just want to add some fun to your fall looks, try out some different plaids in different pieces of clothing and accessories and just have fun with it!

I'd love to see some of your plaid looks or some of your favorite plaid pieces this season :)

November 13, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Week 1

Only in South Carolina will you experience all 4 seasons in a matter of a few days. We went from having a winter over one weekend and then to 80 degrees within a few days. So with the schizophrenic weather, here are my outfits from last week :)

T-shirt Old Navy / Vest LOFT / Jeans Walmart / Boots Steve Madden / Scarf Walmart

Jacket and T-shirt Old Navy / Black Pants and Sandals Walmart / Backpack Steve Madden / Sunglasses LOFT

Oversized T-shirt Old Navy / Scarf Walmart / Jeans Walmart / Bag Marshalls / Booties Burkes Outlet

Shirt Walmart/ Scarf Old Navy / Jeans Walmart / Booties TJMaxx
Scarf Walmart / Stripe T Banana Republic / Leggings Banana Republic / Open Cardigan Target / Boots Steve Madden

November 12, 2014

Living Simply: A Cleaning Schedule that Actually Works!

Haha NOT! Image from Google Images :)

Being a successful homemaker means making everything happen from cleaning, managing finances, taking care of and nurturing your children, and being a wife to your husband. For me and a lot of other mom and housewives out there, I know I always put cleaning on the back burner to focus on something else that is more of a priority in our household. However, from looking through other mom's cleaning schedules on Pinterest and such, I have come up with a successful cleaning schedule that I can actually manage and keep up with every day. And most of my daily cleaning happens during Lilly's nap which makes knocking it out super easy. 

So here it is:

Cleaning Schedule
Takes about 1.5 hours to complete everyday

Make bed
Organize/tidy up something for 10 minutes before bed
Laundry- one load a day wash, dry, fold, put away

Master Bedroom and Bathrooms
Swiffer floors
Change bed sheets
Wipe off counters and sinks
Clean toilets
Clean showers
Tidy up towels
Organize cabinets-this doesn't happen every week
Sweep floor and mop
 Take out trash

Kitchen & Laundry Room
Wipe down counters and cabinets
Clean out fridge
Wipe down microwave and oven
Clean off, tidy up, organize coffee bar
Sweep and mop floors
Wipe down washer and dryer
Tidy up storage baskets above washer and dryer

Living Rooms
Swiffer floors
Tidy up Lilly's toys and put anything laying around away

Lilly's Room and Guest Room
Tidy up both rooms

(No cleaning besides daily work because this is the day 
Lilly and I are usually out of the house for a majority of the day)

Clean out car
Clean and tidy up carport
Yard Work- Josh
Any Outdoor or Indoor Home projects

Meal Plan and Grocery Shop

This schedule honestly works for me and I am able to do it every day and feel good even if my house isn't 100% spotless, at least it's hygienic haha :) I hope this helps you if you are struggling to figure out how to get it all done. Whatever you do, don't try and squeeze all your cleaning work into 1 day, you'll drive yourself crazy and I guarantee you won't finish everything you wanted to clean in that 1 day. And I'll be honest, some weeks we are so busy or distracted that this doesn't happen every week, but when it's time for me to really get back to it I always come back to this schedule I have created and keep in my life planner. 

Do you have a cleaning schedule that really works for you and your family? I'd love to know :)

November 11, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday

So lately I have been finding the cutest and most adorable little girl outfits for Lilly. Marshall's, TJMaxx, Target and Kohls have so many cute outfit sets right now and I couldn't help but stock up on some a few weeks ago. Lilly is growing so much that even 18 month stuff is getting tight in some brands (she's only 15 months!) 
I love this little pink and grey stripe sweater jacket with her little jeans and faux Ugg boots :) What you can't really see that well is that the sweater has little grey velvet bows on the pockets and gold adorable! 

This sweater and jeans outfit set I found at TjMaxx. Boots are Target :)

November 8, 2014

Must Have Monday: Copper and Rose Gold

Must Have Monday: Copper and Rose Gold

Must Have Monday: Copper and Rose Gold by nataliemorelliwaters featuring a serrated spoon

Completely obsessed with everything copper and rose gold! From kitchen utensils and gadgets, to home decor, to fashion and accessories...copper and rose gold is everywhere right now. I love it so much I want to get rid of all my kitchen stuff and get all new copper pots and pans and utensils, same with my jewelry and rose gold :) These will make great gift ideas this holiday season for the hostess with the mostess, the foodie, the techie, the fashionista, even the men and little ones in your life, there's something different and unique for everyone that they wouldn't necessarily expect.

What do you think about copper and rose gold? Are you just as obsessed as I am?!

Rose gold shoes

Birkenstock leather shoes
$16 -

Ted Baker charm jewelry
$42 -

Oversized watch

Copper mug

Snowflake cookie cutter

November 7, 2014

Friday Night Likes

(FRIDAY NIGHT LIKES: a collection of things I'm liking this week and things I've found across the internet this week)

My mother in law got me this candle last year for Christmas and I have been burning it since October hit. Hazelnut coffee has been my absolute favorite coffee flavor since I was about 15 or 16 years old. So having this scent in my house all day long has been making me very happy recently.

I have been lusting over and wanting a nice inexpensive cobalt blue handbag for about a year now and I'm really drooling over this one at Old Navy. Maybe this will make my winter capsule wardrobe shopping list. We'll see!

So I really wanted a pair of LLbean boots last year for Christmas and when my husband went to order them they were on back order until February! I told him to not even bother again this year, BUT I just stumbled across these tonight at Old Navy for half the price. These are definitely on my wishlist now :)

4. Coat
I have been searching for and looking at coats at different sites for my winter capsule wardrobe and Old Navy has some really cute styles and of course right now they have some really good sales. But I have to wait! 

So like every other girl right now, I am really wanting a tartan scarf with a more tan background with green, red and navy and possible other colors in it, but they are sold out everywhere! All I can find in my local stores or ones that aren't sold out are like mainly red, green, black, or grey plaid. Search continues. 

What are some things you are finding and drooling over across the web these days?

November 6, 2014

October Favorites

Mommy Favorites

Resolve Carpet Cleaner
I know this isn't beauty realated (which seems to be trend with my monthly piosts) but it for sure is mommy/housewife related. From coffee spills, to poodle messes, to dirt from husbands shoes, and all other things I found myself cleaning up this month on our living room carpet...this stuff has done the trick! It has gotten out everything out, even stains that had been there a while. Try it out!

NYX Eyebrow Makeup Kit
I've never tried an eyebrow makeup kit before but this has definitely been a great buy. It goes on so light which I really like because I feel like I can really control it. If you haven't tried an eyebrow kit or aren't pleased with the one you're currently using, you should try this one!

Maybelline lipstick
This is my favorite lipstick of all time and this color is perfect for me. I've actually used this for 2 years now and am still in love with the color, the smoothness of the lipstick and the fact that it does not taste like a crayon.

Toddler Favorites

Not a great picture, but it's the best I could get with a poodle and a toddler that wanted to grab everything :)

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy Train
I saw this toy on a commercial recently and thought Lilly would really enjoy it. I found one at Target and opened it up for her and she seem to really be intrigued with it so far!

Boots from Target
These are so cute and keep her feet warm on really cold days.

Carter's Polka Dot Toddler Jacket
Love this jacket! It has fleece lining to keep her warm and the outer shell protects from wind and rain. And of course it's polka dots, love it :)

What are some of your favorites from last month?