September 30, 2013

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Concert Outfit

So my husband and I had our second official date night since having Lilly 2 months ago. We are very fortunate to have my parents so close to us. They babysat while Josh and I went and rocked out at the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals(my absolute favorite band) concert on Saturday night.
Top, leather leggings, shoes- Target
Necklace and Earrings - Gifts
Grace Potter Style Inspiration 

September 26, 2013

My Fall Wishlist

Polka Dot Embellished Sweater- Old Navy
Handbag- Francesca's
Flats- Sole Society
Gold link bracelet- Stella and Dot
Polka Dot 2014 Planner- Bloomingdales
Leopard Clutch- Banana Republic
Leather Trim Cardigan- Old Navy

September 25, 2013

What Lilly Wore

So Lilly and I both started back at work this week. Yes you read that correctly, I am very fortunate to be able to take her to the office I work at. Things have been going smoothly so far, no fussy fits have occured like the ones she started to have at home, so, so far so good. I'll keep you updated on how she does at the office so stay tuned.
What Lilly Wore
Baby Gap Cardigan
I purchase this at Once Upon a Child so I don't know how old it is. 
You can find similar ones here, here, and here!
Mint Onesie
Polka Dot Leggings
I purchased this from Once Upon a Child as well but there is not tag on the inside.
You can find similar here and here.
Socks and headband were a gift.


September 24, 2013

Fall Trend to Try: Graphic Sweater

  This is definitely one of my favorite trends this season. From animal motifs to fun words and phrases to symbols, graphic sweaters are everywhere right now from high end designers to more affordable retailers like Old Navy. I think they are so adorable and are a great update this season to a classic crew neck sweater. A fun graphic is full of personality and style and can be worn almost anywhere.  
What I love about a cute graphic sweater is that the classic style allows you to really wear it so many different ways that reflect your personality and style. Whether you pair it with a flouncy skirt and boots or skinny jeans and a button down layered underneath, you'll be sure to look polished and fabulous. 

You can find some of my favorites at these retailers:

And don't forget about your little munchkin! There are fabulous options for her to be just as fashionable and stylish as mommy too. 

September 23, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things for Baby

With being a new mom to a 1 month old I wanted to share some of my favorite things that have helped us survive so far and are truly lifesavers. 

1. Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper This thing has been amazing! It is perfect from the moment you bring baby home. We use our sleeper all the time. It is perfect to have by you anywhere, from the living room, to the kitchen, to right by the bed at night. It folds up and is super easy for travel as well. My little one sleeps in the sleeper every night and has been able to sleep for up to 6 hours some nights. This is a must have for new moms and newborns!

2. Baby Swing A swing is an absolute must have for baby. They are perfect for when you need to get some stuff done around the house or if baby is really fussy. Most swings now have music or different soothing sounds and some sort of mobile or something for them to look at. My little one has grown very attached to her swing right now and loves to nap in hers or just sit and hang out looking at the birds while mommy gets work done around the house or relaxes. Every time she gets fussy but doesn't want to eat we put her in her swing and the fussiness miraculously stops instantly. There are so many different types of swings to choose from out there that fit any budget so definitely be sure to add this to your registry. 

3. Baby Carrier This is perfect for both moms and dads when you need to be hands free but take baby with you. It is perfect for when we are out and about or if we need to walk our dogs. It is so much easier to put baby in a carrier and do your shopping or running errands at multiple places rather than constantly taking the car seat and/or stroller in and out of the car. 

4. Quick Serve Bottle Warmer This is another must have!  It makes heating a bottle quick and easy and is perfect for those late night feedings. It is small and compact enough to where you could even put it on a nightstand. 

5. Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat I absolutely love this car seat. It is so easy to assemble and figure out how to use and is super durable. I feel really safe having my little one in this car seat. We had purchased a less expensive car seat from Kmart at first and it was so hard to figure out how to put the car seat together and how to lock it in the base and didn't feel durable or safe at all. When I got the Maxi Cosi we both fell in love and have been super satisfied from day one. There are so many different colors to choose from as well which fit any gender and any style. 

6. Harmony Odyssey Deluxe Modular Stroller When looking at strollers I knew I wanted one that had a bassinet for newborns, but all the ones I saw that came with bassinets were way out of my budget. After a lot of research (and by a lot, I mean like 6 months out of my pregnancy) I finally came across this stroller at As I read the description I saw that it has a bassinet for newborns, a universal car seat adapter, and a reclining seat with different positions. What made it even better was that it was only $150!! I thought it was too good to be true. I read through tons of reviews and researched the company a little more and found that almost 100% of people that bought and used the stroller were super satisfied with it. The only negative comments I read were that it wasn't very compact when folded up and some said it was a little too big to fit in some trunks. Well having an SUV I wouldn't have to worry about that too much. I had received some gift cards from my baby showers and purchased the stroller the first moment I could. When we got it home and tested it we fell in love. It is super easy to put together and use and is durable across different terrains. If you are looking for a stroller with a bassinet but do not want to spend $400-$1000 then I definitely suggest this one!

7. The First Years miPump and 8. The First Years Breastflow Bottles This breast pump is one of the less expensive ones on the market but don't be fooled by the cheaper price. I have used this pump from the first night home with Lilly and it has been great. When I purchased this breast pump before Lilly was born I never anticipated exclusively pumping. I thought I would get a less expensive pump to have in order to build a small backup supply when we go out or have when we leave our little one with the grandparents. However, do to latching issues, I had to resort to exclusively breast pumping. What I love most about the pump is that it is both battery and electrically operated that make pumping anytime, anywhere possible. It's small and compact so it's easy to travel with as well. So whether your a new mom looking for a pump to use occasionally or intend to exclusively breast pump, The First Years miPump is a great option if you are on a budget and are looking for something less expensive that will still get the job done.
Lilly has really liked the Breastflow bottles so far. What interested me the most in these bottles initially was that they require both suction and compression, just like breastfeeding. The nipple is designed to mimic the breast so baby can latch and control the flow of milk, feeding the natural way. So whether your baby is breastfed and you're introducing a bottle or is formula fed, baby will experience a natural way of feeding with these bottles.

9.  Gumdrop Pacifier is Lilly's favorite! The hospital gave us one the first night to calm her down while they did her 24 hour testing and she has had it ever since. She doesn't use hers all the time, just to sooth her when she's tired or fussy. We've tried giving her other pacifiers but this is the only one she will take, so we always have it nearby.

 There are so many different varieties of these items out there and different brands and price points to choose from. All of these are the products that struck my interest initially and researched before buying that have worked out great for us so far. If you're thinking about what to buy for your little one, do some research, read reviews and try what is going to work best for you, and if you're hesitant about something always check a store's or brand's return policy. I hope this helps those new moms out there thinking about what to get for baby.

September 20, 2013

Dollar Tree Fall Decorating

So I love season changes and with the approach of the holiday season amongst us I wanted to get my house decorated for fall but didn't have a lot of money to spend on seasonal decorations. Everything you see here I got from the Dollar Tree....yes, the Dollar Tree! And what makes it even better, I got my whole house decorated for $80! The Dollar Tree is a goldmine for decorating, seriously! They have everything you need and if you're a little creative and have some DIY skills or inspiration, you can create anything you want, especially for seasonal decorating, without breaking the bank. What I love most about the place settings that I purchased is that I bought red plates along with the orange which will transition perfectly for my Christmas place settings.

Some of my other favorite places to shop for seasonal decorations on a budget are Walmart, Target, Tuesday Morning, TJMaxx and Marshalls or any other discount retailer. 

September 19, 2013

What's in my Diaper Bag

While I was pregnant I constantly found myself looking at blogs and youtube videos of what other moms had in their diaper bags. I watched tons and tons of review videos on so many different bags and brands and knew I wanted a variety of bags for different occasions: an every day purse-like diaper bag for myself, a diaper bag to take to the grandparents when they watch her, a fashionable every day diaper bag for longer outings, and an overnight/weekend bag when we go out of town. I know what you're thinking, a little over-kill right? But I will say, I have a bag for each of these occasions and they have come in handy each and every time thus far. So here are the details of the bags I have and what I use for Lilly:

The diaper bag that I am using right now is the Kids Line Whipstitch Satchel. I love this diaper bag because it looks and functions like a regular purse which goes with any and every outfit. I can just throw what I need in there and I'm good to go. It has an inner insulated bottle pocket and a water resistant lining which makes spills and cleanups super easy. It has a variety of pockets inside and out that make organizing easy and includes detachable stroller straps and a crossbody strap. 

Contents of Diaper Bag: 
(not pictured is my wallet, a hair brush, and lip gloss for myself)

 Elephant Diaper and Wipes Case and Chevron Burp Cloth from Urbane Living, a handmade baby clothing and accessories line made in Charleston, SC. 
A travel Bottle Warmer
An extra change of clothes for her
Hand sanitizer
Disposable bags for dirty diapers
A travel size deodorant for myself
Pacifier Wipes
Cosmetic bag with: Desitin, Baby Hand and Face Wipes, Clorox Wipes, Thermometer, and Kleenex

Here are my other diaper bags:

This is the diaper bag I use when Lilly is going to spend some time at the grandparents house for a little while. It fits everything she needs and isn't too big or too small. 

This is the bag we use for travel when we go out of town. The Be Prepared bag is perfect and fits absolutely everything you would need for your little one from a weekend trip to even a whole week. I even used this as my hospital bag for myself and my husband when I was in labor. It fit everything I needed and an outfit for my husband and the things I needed for Lilly. Absolutely LOVE this bag!

This is my fashionable anytime anywhere diaper bag. This is my FAVORITE bag! This is the perfect bag for our longer day outings and is absolutely adorable. 

What I love about both JuJuBe and BayĆ” diaper bags is that there are a variety of different bags you can choose that will fit you and your baby needs and so many different prints to choose from, there is truly something for everyone and every style!

September 18, 2013

Adventures of Mommyhood: The First Month

My baby girl, Lilly, was born on August 1st, 2013 and has been a relatively great baby so far! She has been sleeping for 4+ hours from the first night we brought her home so things have been pretty much a breeze. She's only fussy when she's hungry or gassy and is great in the car and when we take her out. She went on her first road trip to visit grandparents in North Carolina and slept the entire 4 hour drive there and back.

Having survived our first month with a new baby, here are some of my pointers for new moms bringing home a newborn and what to do the first month:

- Don't worry about getting baby on a schedule right away, wait until they are a few months old. Let your baby eat and sleep for however long they want and how often they want, especially the first month. They are trying to figure out what they need and how much they need in this first month of life. Letting Lilly sleep and eat when she wants for however long she wants has been a great pay off for us. She has developed her own schedule pretty much, I have never had to wake her up to feed and have not had any really late and stressful nights with a fussy baby.

- Take advantage of resting as much as you can the first 6 weeks, you and your body will greatly appreciate it. Don't try to do too much too soon or worry about trying to loose the baby weight, give yourself and your body the time it needs to heal properly. 

- Take advantage of your friends and family that are offering and willing to help you. If you need to take a shower, need the rugs vacuumed, the dishes washed, a load of laundry done, a few things picked up from the store....don't be afraid to ask for help.

- Depending on your needs, find some time for yourself. Whether it's one hour a day or a few hours on the weekend, find some time for you to relax and get things done that you want to get done. I am very blessed that my parents live right next door to us. My mom has been a life-saver. If I need to go grocery shopping or run some quick errands or need to get some house cleaning done, she will help me or watch Lilly while I get some things done. Since my husband works during the week, we have an arrangement where I get up with her at night during the week and on the weekends he gets up with her if she wakes up (she will usually wake up around 3 or 4 in the morning and then at 7 or 8) while I get some extra sleep.

- If you want to hold your baby, hold your baby! You only have them like this at this stage for a very short window in time. Get all the peaceful baby snuggles you can and want.

September 17, 2013

Hello World

Hello followers! Let me tell you a little bit about me and my life. 
I am Natalie and I am 24 and live in the beautiful Charleston, SC. 

I graduated from The Art Institute of Charleston with a BA in Fashion and Retail Management. I've had the pleasure of working for two major retailers, Banana Republic and Nine West, as well as many local fashion related events like Charleston Fashion Week.

On May 5th, 2011 (Cinco de Mayo) I met a man who would change my life forever as I knew it.
...After 5 months of dating, we were engaged...

...One year later, we were married...

...And 10 months after that, we welcomed our baby girl, Lillian Grace, to the world...

I am madly in love with my husband and daughter and couldn't be more blessed to have them in my life. This blog is about my life from my love of fashion to my adventures of mommyhood. I love trying new things and being inspired by others and this is a place where I will share my experiences and ideas with the world.

Hope you enjoy!