September 19, 2013

What's in my Diaper Bag

While I was pregnant I constantly found myself looking at blogs and youtube videos of what other moms had in their diaper bags. I watched tons and tons of review videos on so many different bags and brands and knew I wanted a variety of bags for different occasions: an every day purse-like diaper bag for myself, a diaper bag to take to the grandparents when they watch her, a fashionable every day diaper bag for longer outings, and an overnight/weekend bag when we go out of town. I know what you're thinking, a little over-kill right? But I will say, I have a bag for each of these occasions and they have come in handy each and every time thus far. So here are the details of the bags I have and what I use for Lilly:

The diaper bag that I am using right now is the Kids Line Whipstitch Satchel. I love this diaper bag because it looks and functions like a regular purse which goes with any and every outfit. I can just throw what I need in there and I'm good to go. It has an inner insulated bottle pocket and a water resistant lining which makes spills and cleanups super easy. It has a variety of pockets inside and out that make organizing easy and includes detachable stroller straps and a crossbody strap. 

Contents of Diaper Bag: 
(not pictured is my wallet, a hair brush, and lip gloss for myself)

 Elephant Diaper and Wipes Case and Chevron Burp Cloth from Urbane Living, a handmade baby clothing and accessories line made in Charleston, SC. 
A travel Bottle Warmer
An extra change of clothes for her
Hand sanitizer
Disposable bags for dirty diapers
A travel size deodorant for myself
Pacifier Wipes
Cosmetic bag with: Desitin, Baby Hand and Face Wipes, Clorox Wipes, Thermometer, and Kleenex

Here are my other diaper bags:

This is the diaper bag I use when Lilly is going to spend some time at the grandparents house for a little while. It fits everything she needs and isn't too big or too small. 

This is the bag we use for travel when we go out of town. The Be Prepared bag is perfect and fits absolutely everything you would need for your little one from a weekend trip to even a whole week. I even used this as my hospital bag for myself and my husband when I was in labor. It fit everything I needed and an outfit for my husband and the things I needed for Lilly. Absolutely LOVE this bag!

This is my fashionable anytime anywhere diaper bag. This is my FAVORITE bag! This is the perfect bag for our longer day outings and is absolutely adorable. 

What I love about both JuJuBe and BayĆ” diaper bags is that there are a variety of different bags you can choose that will fit you and your baby needs and so many different prints to choose from, there is truly something for everyone and every style!

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