November 18, 2013

Hair Makeover Reveal

Since I wasn't totally ready to cut almost all my hair off for a pixie-ish cut, we went with an in between bob and pixie to see how I'd like it. Super short in the back with longer pieces in front . I really really like it. It's so easy to get ready in the morning, 5 minutes max, instead of over an hour just to do my hair. I really might go even shorter, take the plunge and do the pixie with the long bangs at my next appointment. Stay tuned!

November 8, 2013

Hair Makeover Ideas

So my hair has become literally unmanageable. It's long and the color needs a re-vamp. I have always been one to do drastic hair makeovers. I've had long, short, angled bobs, brown, red, and blonde hair. Being a new mom I really don't have a lot of time to get ready. Most of the time I get a shower and let my hair air dry or put some wave product in it and let it dry naturally. Other times my hair is pretty much always up, and very rarely do I get the time to actually blow dry and straighten it. But getting the curling iron out and styling my wavy hair like I used to do has not been an option the past three months. 

These 3 options are hair ideas I have been obsessing over lately. 

 Option 1: Blunt Bangs
 I have always wanted to try a mid-length blunt bangs style, but think it would be a lot of styling to do on a daily basis.  
(from pinterst, no source)

Option 2: Long Bob
The long bob is a style I have had on and off pretty much my entire life...been there, done that, love it, always a safe but trendy choice for me.

(Tia Mowry's instagramm)

(from pinterest, no source)

Option 3: Most drastic- Super Short/Pixie with long bangs
Now the pixie is the most extreme and dramatic change I would ever consider. I have never been this short before but I am OBSESSED with this style with the longer bangs. I have no idea if I can pull it off with my face and thick hair texture, but my hairstylist says it would be adorable and thinks I should go for it! 

I even tried out InStyle's Celebrity Hair Virtual Makeover to see how I might look with the pixie and am actually kind of really impressed with it. You can alter the cut and color if you need to in the application and it's really simple to navigate through. They have hundreds of hairstyles to choose from and try on. Here are some of the pixie styles I "tried on" virtually. 

Which one's do you like????

We'll see what I pick next week....stay tuned!!

November 6, 2013

Beauty Products I Use on a Daily Basis

beauty products i use on a daily basis

1. Olay Complate All Day Mositurizer
This moisturizer I think is the perfect moisutrizer, it is light, not oily, and has spf to protect your skin.
2.  Clear Shampoo and Conditioner Damage Control (Color Treated Hair)
I have been using this shampoo and conditioner literally ever since I saw the commercial with Heidi Klum in it about 2 years ago. This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used on my hair. I have really really thick and wavy hair and I am able to use this when I style and straighten my hair or when I just let my hair go natural and wavy. My hair has not been frizzy or had any breakage or damage in years! My hairstylist even compliments me when I go in for my appointment and is super surprised at how healthy my hair is, eventhough I may not have had a trim for 4 months! You can get it at pretty much any drugstore or grocery store, super affordable too, try it out!
3. Olay Regenerist Eye Serum
This has helped my eyes look brighter and less tired, especially now with not getting much sleep because of the little one.
4. Noxzema Deep Cleansing Face Wash
I love, love, love this face wash. It gets my skin super clean and keeps it moisturized. A big tub of facewash is super cheap too.
5. Olay Complete Night Fortifying Moisturizer
Love this moisturizer for night time as well. It is a little thicker then the day moisturizer but makes my skin look luminous in the morning.
6. Covergirl + Olay Anti-Aging Foundation
If you haven't noticed a pattern yet, I am a big fan of Olay products. I have never found an Olay product that I haven't liked. So when covergirl partnered with Olay in their makeup products I had to try them out. This foundation is the best by far that I have ever used from the drugstore. It has great coverage, isn't cakey at all, and lasts all day.
7. L'oreal Voluminous Million Lash Mascara
Favorite mascara of all time! I have been using this mascara probably for about 3 years now and I will never stray away.
8. Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad
There are so many different color combos to choose from
9. Revlon Color Stay Concealor
Not the best concealor, but pretty darn close, the best I can find so far from the drugstore. Coverage is pretty great and lasts all day!
10. Mac Cosmetics Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachykeen
I have had this blush for a few years, love the peachy-pink-bronze color for my skintone. Mac blushes last almost a lifetime for me. A little bit goes a long way.

November 5, 2013

25 Ways You Know You're Such a MOM

So I came across this link a variety of mom's motherhood moments of how you know you're such a mom. Some of these are really good and really relatable to all moms out there. So I wanted to share the one's I along with most other moms out there totally get and add a few of my own...

1. When your kid throws up, you hold  out your hand to catch it. Nasty, but it's so true.

2. You pick  someone else's boogers and not only is it no big deal, but I see it as a major accomplishment, like surgery or something, very satisfying to clear out their little boogers.

3. When going grocery shopping alone is considered me time and you try to milk it for all its worth.

4. When you know 1 million things you can clean with baby wipes.

5. "What kind of poop was it" is considered stimulating conversation.

6. You are amazed at how much you can get done with ONE hand.

7. Also amazed at how much you can pick up with your feet and toes.

8. You clench your nether regions when you sneeze so you don't pee.

9. Your pets that you love so much all of a sudden drive you absolutely crazy.

10. You literally cry over spilled breast milk.

11. If you happen to cry over said milk, you dry your tears with the nearest dirty burp cloth.

12. Getting ready for the day feels like the biggest accomplishment.

13. By the time you are finally ready for the day, your already ready for a nap.

14. When you make up the most ridiculous songs for everything.

15. You sniff the diaper to see if it is dirty or not.

16. Your car has been taken over with toys, blankets, spare clothes, diapers, and so on...

17. The last thing you do on vacation is relax.

18. When bouncing and swaying the baby is considered exercise.

19. Laundry and dishes are never ending.

20. When the paci falls on the floor but isn't too dirty, you just put it in your mouth and "clean it off"

21. When baby is napping so good and you arm falls asleep because you don't want to move it and risk waking the baby.

22. When jewelry is no longer part of your outfit.

23. When you can fall asleep almost anywhere.

24. When grocery shopping with the hubs without baby is considered date night

25. Your collection of takeout menus has expanded because the last thing you want to do is cook.

What are some of your "mom moments"???

November 4, 2013

Adventures in Mommyhood: 3 months

Lilly turned 3 months on Friday and boy has it been a fast 3 months. 

Here's what she has been up to:

Cooing and making funny sounds like she's trying to talk

Drooling like crazy

Trying to sit up on her own, I'm thinking she'll accomplish this by Christmas if she keeps at it

Playing and being more interactive with her toys on her tummy time mat, somewhat reaching for toys

She went on her first trip to the mountains and did great

Sitting in her bumbo seat without assistance holding her head up

Absolutely loves the tv, especially football with her Poppy, if she gets fussy we just stand or sit with her in front of the tv and she is fine almost instantly

Here's how mommy is doing:

I have lost a total of 35 lbs with no dieting or extreme exercise yet (gained a total of 50 lbs during pregnancy)

Cut almost all dairy out of my diet (figured out that is what was making Lilly extremely fussy for a couple of weeks) 

I have been on a few shopping trips for clothes and have found some really cute things from Walmart, Target, and Old Navy to wear until I lose the rest of the weight or fit back into my old clothes, not rushing it 

Daddy and Mommy have been on 3 dates total where my parents have watched the little one: my birthday dinner, Grace Potter Concert, and shopping and dinner one afternoon

In desperate need of a hair makeover...thinking of going short, like short, short..stay tuned