November 4, 2013

Adventures in Mommyhood: 3 months

Lilly turned 3 months on Friday and boy has it been a fast 3 months. 

Here's what she has been up to:

Cooing and making funny sounds like she's trying to talk

Drooling like crazy

Trying to sit up on her own, I'm thinking she'll accomplish this by Christmas if she keeps at it

Playing and being more interactive with her toys on her tummy time mat, somewhat reaching for toys

She went on her first trip to the mountains and did great

Sitting in her bumbo seat without assistance holding her head up

Absolutely loves the tv, especially football with her Poppy, if she gets fussy we just stand or sit with her in front of the tv and she is fine almost instantly

Here's how mommy is doing:

I have lost a total of 35 lbs with no dieting or extreme exercise yet (gained a total of 50 lbs during pregnancy)

Cut almost all dairy out of my diet (figured out that is what was making Lilly extremely fussy for a couple of weeks) 

I have been on a few shopping trips for clothes and have found some really cute things from Walmart, Target, and Old Navy to wear until I lose the rest of the weight or fit back into my old clothes, not rushing it 

Daddy and Mommy have been on 3 dates total where my parents have watched the little one: my birthday dinner, Grace Potter Concert, and shopping and dinner one afternoon

In desperate need of a hair makeover...thinking of going short, like short, short..stay tuned

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