November 8, 2013

Hair Makeover Ideas

So my hair has become literally unmanageable. It's long and the color needs a re-vamp. I have always been one to do drastic hair makeovers. I've had long, short, angled bobs, brown, red, and blonde hair. Being a new mom I really don't have a lot of time to get ready. Most of the time I get a shower and let my hair air dry or put some wave product in it and let it dry naturally. Other times my hair is pretty much always up, and very rarely do I get the time to actually blow dry and straighten it. But getting the curling iron out and styling my wavy hair like I used to do has not been an option the past three months. 

These 3 options are hair ideas I have been obsessing over lately. 

 Option 1: Blunt Bangs
 I have always wanted to try a mid-length blunt bangs style, but think it would be a lot of styling to do on a daily basis.  
(from pinterst, no source)

Option 2: Long Bob
The long bob is a style I have had on and off pretty much my entire life...been there, done that, love it, always a safe but trendy choice for me.

(Tia Mowry's instagramm)

(from pinterest, no source)

Option 3: Most drastic- Super Short/Pixie with long bangs
Now the pixie is the most extreme and dramatic change I would ever consider. I have never been this short before but I am OBSESSED with this style with the longer bangs. I have no idea if I can pull it off with my face and thick hair texture, but my hairstylist says it would be adorable and thinks I should go for it! 

I even tried out InStyle's Celebrity Hair Virtual Makeover to see how I might look with the pixie and am actually kind of really impressed with it. You can alter the cut and color if you need to in the application and it's really simple to navigate through. They have hundreds of hairstyles to choose from and try on. Here are some of the pixie styles I "tried on" virtually. 

Which one's do you like????

We'll see what I pick next week....stay tuned!!

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