September 30, 2014

Oh Joy + FEED Diaper Bag Review

Ok, so how adorable is this bag?!
Here's a little description about the limited edition bag:
"Exclusively styled for FEED by mommy blogger and designer Joy Cho, this limited edition diaper bag has the Oh Joy signature look and feel that we absolutely love. This colorful diaper bag can also be carried messenger style, and has plenty of pocket space throughout the bag. This bag is part of FEED's global campaign, launched in 2004 by designer Lauren Bush Lauren, which aims to make good products that help feed the world. Which means with each purchase of this diaper bag, one mom and her child will be provided with micronutrients for one whole year!"

How amazing is that?!
I love the look and feel of this bag and the way it packs. The print is so pretty and colorful and is a perfect gender neutral print. The bag is really roomy and spacious with three slip pockets on the front of the bag, two elastic bottle pockets on the side, and one zip pocket on the back of the bag where I keep the change pad. Inside there are three additional pockets. The bag is a canvas material and is a little stiff at first when you open it, but after you play with it a little and pack it up, it definitely loosens up a bit. It is very comfortable to carry with the shoulder straps and adjustable messenger strap. Whether you have one child or multiple, this bag will hold everything you need and then some and you're supporting a great cause! 

Available for a limited time exclusively at

Back of the bag

Inside has 3 pockets

All packed up

What's inside:
Vera Bradley Beach cosmetic with diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes
Snack container from Walmart
Baby Mum Mums in pink container from Target
Utensils, disposable place mat, bendy straws
Random Toys
A reusable tote from Old Navy
Ju-Ju-Be bib
Vera Bradley small cosmetic with food pouches and other snacks
Vera Bradley All in one crossbody
Mommy Items
(Chapstick, lipstick, deodorant, travel fragrance, pocket knife, hair tie and bobby pins)
Stride Rite Shoes

Not Pictured:
(inside the 3 slip pockets on the front of the bag)
Sippy Cup
Antibacterial Wipes
Baby Sunscreen and sunglasses

September 29, 2014

International Coffee Day!!

My favorite day! 
Here's a look at my coffee this morning...I love my fox cup I got at Walmart this year :)

(On a daily basis I drink Folgers Gourmet Black Silk coffee with a little bit of Hazelnut coffee creamer)

One of my friends shared this picture on Facebook and thought it had a lot of insight.

***I'm an Espresso Drinker*** 

Find your coffee personality below

September 26, 2014

High Five For Friday

I can't believe this is the last Friday of September! Where has the time gone? I still feel like it's June or something. This year is going by way too quickly! I've already started my Christmas shopping because if I don't start now, no one is getting anything the way my days and weeks are just flying by. So here are some of my highlights from the week:

I was able to take a 20 minute vacation and actually take a bubble bath in peace with no interruptions. Complete with candles and music :)

Working on paring down and simplifying my wardrobe so I went through my clothes and cleaned out stuff that doesn't fit or doesn't work for me anymore. 

Washed, dried, folded, AND put away 4 loads of laundry ...empty laundry baskets never happens in this house :)

Fall decorations are almost all out!

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September 25, 2014

Living Simply: Paring Down and Planning a Capsule Wardrobe

So it's no surprise that I used to be a self proclaimed shopaholic and genuinely love clothing and accessories. But as of lately, being on a budget and given my new life as a mom, shopping and trying new trends frequently just isn't in my lifestyle anymore and I find myself wearing the same things over and over again even though I have a closet full of other pieces. I have seen a lot of Capsule Wardrobes on Pinterest and other blogs and specifically discovered Caroline's Capsule Wardrobe and found myself really intrigued to create one for myself. A wardrobe of things that I actually want to and will wear. She breaks down everything you need to know about how to build a capsule wardrobe on her site in really specific detail but here are the main steps:

Paring down one's closet can be a daunting, overwhelming, and stressful task...especially trying to focus with a toddler running around. However, when I decided to take the time and go through EVERYTHING, it wasn't that bad. I was able to say no to a lot of things and have 4 trash bags full of stuff to be trashed, consigned, and donated (basically the items that don't fit me right or I haven't worn in a really long time or plan on wearing in the future). And that was just round one which was just a very quick first run through of all my clothes in my closet and storage. Now my next step I want to do is go back through and take a little more time and analyze each piece and figure out my LOVE IT, MAYBE, NOPE and SEASONAL items. Then the third step will be to assess what I have left and plan+shop for missing holes in my wardrobe. 

Stay tuned for more updates on where I'm at with my capsule wardrobe and join the challenge!

September 24, 2014

My Fall Decor 2014

Tray, salt and pepper shakers, and leaf place mats from Walmart, flowers from Dollar Tree, vase had from my mom

Lantern from grocery store, everything else from Dollar Tree

Hallmark Owl Candle

Pumpkins and leaf garland from Dollar Tree

These gorgeous speckled ceramic pumpkins are from the Dollar Tree!!! Favorite fall find this year

White pumpkins from Dollar Tree, leaf place mat from Walmart, can't remember where the owl is from

September 23, 2014

Mommy and Toddler Smoothies

Mommy and Toddler Smoothies

I ventured into making smoothies for me and Lilly to share together so we could both have a healthy, nutritious snack during the day. Let me just say Lilly LOVES these two recipes and will drink the entire sippy cup I give her. I didn't take any pictures because I made a mess and was in a rush to make them both days I tried them and plus I forgot, but here is what you need:

 Green Smoothie
1/2 banana
hand full of kale
1 mango
1 apple
2 spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup juice (I use apple)
2 hand fulls of ice 

Strawberry Pineapple
1-2 cups of Strawberries
1/2 can pineapple with juice
2 spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt
hand full of kale
1/2 banana
1/2 cup juice (I use apple)
2 hand fulls of ice

September 22, 2014

Adventures in Mommyhood: New Beginning in Toddler World

Have you ever found yourself shopping for your little one and realize that nothing is in their size in the section you normally shop look around some more and find your baby's size and discover the big sign above that says TODDLER?!?! Well that happened to me not too long ago when I was at Old Navy and I felt like I ran into a brick wall thinking to myself over and over again, "I have a TODDLER now!" Lilly is not considered an "infant" anymore, she is totally a toddler and I can't help but think, wow where has the time gone?! The first year is filled with so many ups and downs and new discoveries, with lots of learning going on for everyone and you have to take the time to cherish those little moments. I really made a conscious effort to soak in every small moment with her during that time. Now she is walking and sort of talking and and in to absolutely everything and I think back to those sweet, precious, calm days. I'm looking forward to these new discoveries and new adventures in toddler world and just hope I can keep up :)

Lilly's new favorite thing is to go through the spice cabinet
 and shake every single one of them!

September 15, 2014

Baby/Toddler Favorites: July and August

baby/toddler favorites

baby/toddler favorites by nataliemorelliwaters on Polyvore

Lilly is now 13 months (going on 14 months) and these are some of my and her favorite things right now:

Thermos sippy cup
This insulated sippy cup keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours and has a lid with an easy straw. Lilly loves this cup and I love it for when we are out all day running errands and such.

3-in-1 trike
This was Lilly's birthday present from Josh and I and she absolutely loves this thing! The Radio Flyer kids' 4-in-1 trike can be converted into a steering trike, a learning-to-ride-trike and a regular trike.We use this when we go on our family walks and daily dog walks.

Stride Rite Shoes
Lilly's first real pair of shoes! When you go to stride rite they measure your little one's feet and properly size them and help you find a good pair that you'll like. These are great for her starting out walking because they are comfortable and easy to put on. (She has discovered the velcro now and loves to play with it now)

TY keychain toys
These things are everywhere! Lilly goes crazy for them every time she sees them in a store. We have a small collection of them and I love to keep one or two with me in my diaper bag to clip to the shopping cart or stroller so she can play with it without throwing or dropping it (of course her favorite game is to drop things).

September 10, 2014

Nap Time Project: DIY Wipes Case Covers

So Lilly has started transitioning to pretty much one nap a day, some days she still takes a little afternoon nap, just depends on the day for her. So during her nap time I wanted to start doing something for myself once or twice a week that isn't cleaning, dishes, or laundry. I wanted to just disconnect and focus on something that I wanted to do and I decided to venture into my craftier side. Growing up my mom was also making crafts and always had projects for me and my friends to do on rainy days and days when we were bored. So crafting has always been an on and off thing that I do every now and then. My first project I wanted to make was my own wipes case covers. I originally was just going to cover the Pampers case in her nursery first, but when I went to Walmart I found fabric that matches my Vera Bradley almost perfectly so I had to make one for my diaper bag too. So all in all I ended up making 2 wipes cases.  Pinterest and Youtube are forever my muse and best friend for these kinds of projects and I just followed along with this tutorial and this one

What you'll need:
Felt or Quilt Batting
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
And any other little things you'd like to decorate on your wipes case

Lilly's nursery is Owl Themed so this fabric was a perfect match for her room. I also wanted to leave the top opening on the case so I improvised from the tutorial I watched and left a majority of the turquoise of the lid for color. 

I'd love to know some of your nap time projects out there so feel free to leave a comment and link below :)

September 9, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Toddler Pre-Fall Shopping Haul

So this weekend I stumbled into Target while my husband went to a sporting goods store nearby and came across a whole table display of $4 and $5 everything (originally $6 and $7 I think)! These items are so cute and I just couldn't pass these styles up going into the fall and Lilly already growing out of 12 month items. I snatched up a variety of graphic t's and leggings, a pair of herringbone jeans, and a couple of cute fall tops with bows on them for her and walked away spending less then $50 with a coupon and my 5% discount.  SCORE!

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September 8, 2014

Mommy Favorites: July & August

New Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash 
in Pistachio Cream with Magnolia
I have been a big fan of Dove soaps and body washes for years now. Dove is the only soap that I have used that makes me feel ultra clean and moisturized at the same time. This new formula and scent is  amazing. Try it out and see for yourself :) I'm certain you'll love it!

Nivea Q10 Skin Firming and Toning Collection
Mommas....I'm telling you right now to go out to your drugstore and get these two products immediately! The first product is the Skin Firming and Toning gel cream for stretch marks and cellulite. I use this on my thighs, my stomach, my hips, and my butt...yes I said my butt. The second product is the cellulite serum that I use on the same areas. The products say to use it for 2 weeks to see results. Use it for 2 weeks! I actually noticed a difference in my stretch marks and my skin within 1 week. This stuff seriously works! It is perfect to use especially for moms after giving birth and would make a great postpartum gift.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Before, I was using Treseme Dry Shampoo and I liked it, but I had to use a lot for it to last all day in my hair. I only wash and condition my hair about 3-4 times a week and having dry shampoo is a must. I stumbled upon Batiste at Marshalls actually for $5 and tried it out and fell in love. This brand and formula I feel is stronger then Treseme and lasts longer in my hair during the day.

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydration Hair Mask
I was suggested to use this by my hair stylist the last time I got my hair done because I had a little breakage in my hair. I have been using this 3-4 times a week for almost 2 months and have noticed a great difference in my hair. I really love this stuff!

Target Sandals
These sandals are so comfortable and are very trendy right now and will continue to be trendy going into the fall. Unlike some other birkenstock styles out there the way these straps are placed make the sandal look really flattering on the foot. They are now my go-to sandal :)

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser
I have finally found the perfect cleanser! I am in love with Estee Lauder products and have really seen a difference in my skin. This cleanser is for all skin types and can even be used as a mask. I have had this container for 4 months now and have been using it twice a day and I still have some left. With all Estee Lauder products that I have tried this year, a little bit of product goes a long way, so they last a long time. Yes they are a little more expensive, but you're saving money because the products last a long time, you don't have to use a lot.

Try some of these products out and tell me what you think :)

September 3, 2014

DIY No Sew Kitchen Curtains

 I used

Material I had 
Heat bond tape
Fabric cutter
Curtain rod (walmart)
Curtain clips (walmart)

I then followed Lauren Rae and Company's way of making no sew curtains as a reference and watched a few Youtube videos. 

Here is the finished product

September 2, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Lake/Beach Life with an Infant/Toddler

So August went by super fast and I realized I didn't post as often. Lilly turned one and we had a lot of things going on and time just slipped away again. This past weekend we went up to my in-laws camper at White Lake, NC to surprise Josh's stepmom for her birthday and have a nice little weekend vacation. We all had a blast, relaxing, swimming, and just enjoying lake life. It was a much needed weekend trip for all of us. Lilly had a blast on the lake and loved the water and Josh got to see some old friends he hadn't seen in years. 

Here are some of my infant/toddler essentials for the lake and/or beach :

Jujube Super be and Fuel Cell
The super be makes a great beach, lake, pool bag and the insulated fuel cell is the perfect size for drinks and snacks

Rash guard swimwear, sunhat, and wrap around sunglasses
These are a must have for an infant/toddler to keep their eyes and skin protected

Aveeno Baby Sunscreen SPF 50
This is my favorite baby sunscreen

Thermos sippy cup
These are amazing and keep her drink cold for up to 12 hours and are also leak proof. Get one!

Sunshade Float
These are fun to have at the pool or lake

Lake Life with an Infant/Toddler