September 10, 2014

Nap Time Project: DIY Wipes Case Covers

So Lilly has started transitioning to pretty much one nap a day, some days she still takes a little afternoon nap, just depends on the day for her. So during her nap time I wanted to start doing something for myself once or twice a week that isn't cleaning, dishes, or laundry. I wanted to just disconnect and focus on something that I wanted to do and I decided to venture into my craftier side. Growing up my mom was also making crafts and always had projects for me and my friends to do on rainy days and days when we were bored. So crafting has always been an on and off thing that I do every now and then. My first project I wanted to make was my own wipes case covers. I originally was just going to cover the Pampers case in her nursery first, but when I went to Walmart I found fabric that matches my Vera Bradley almost perfectly so I had to make one for my diaper bag too. So all in all I ended up making 2 wipes cases.  Pinterest and Youtube are forever my muse and best friend for these kinds of projects and I just followed along with this tutorial and this one

What you'll need:
Felt or Quilt Batting
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
And any other little things you'd like to decorate on your wipes case

Lilly's nursery is Owl Themed so this fabric was a perfect match for her room. I also wanted to leave the top opening on the case so I improvised from the tutorial I watched and left a majority of the turquoise of the lid for color. 

I'd love to know some of your nap time projects out there so feel free to leave a comment and link below :)

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