November 5, 2013

25 Ways You Know You're Such a MOM

So I came across this link a variety of mom's motherhood moments of how you know you're such a mom. Some of these are really good and really relatable to all moms out there. So I wanted to share the one's I along with most other moms out there totally get and add a few of my own...

1. When your kid throws up, you hold  out your hand to catch it. Nasty, but it's so true.

2. You pick  someone else's boogers and not only is it no big deal, but I see it as a major accomplishment, like surgery or something, very satisfying to clear out their little boogers.

3. When going grocery shopping alone is considered me time and you try to milk it for all its worth.

4. When you know 1 million things you can clean with baby wipes.

5. "What kind of poop was it" is considered stimulating conversation.

6. You are amazed at how much you can get done with ONE hand.

7. Also amazed at how much you can pick up with your feet and toes.

8. You clench your nether regions when you sneeze so you don't pee.

9. Your pets that you love so much all of a sudden drive you absolutely crazy.

10. You literally cry over spilled breast milk.

11. If you happen to cry over said milk, you dry your tears with the nearest dirty burp cloth.

12. Getting ready for the day feels like the biggest accomplishment.

13. By the time you are finally ready for the day, your already ready for a nap.

14. When you make up the most ridiculous songs for everything.

15. You sniff the diaper to see if it is dirty or not.

16. Your car has been taken over with toys, blankets, spare clothes, diapers, and so on...

17. The last thing you do on vacation is relax.

18. When bouncing and swaying the baby is considered exercise.

19. Laundry and dishes are never ending.

20. When the paci falls on the floor but isn't too dirty, you just put it in your mouth and "clean it off"

21. When baby is napping so good and you arm falls asleep because you don't want to move it and risk waking the baby.

22. When jewelry is no longer part of your outfit.

23. When you can fall asleep almost anywhere.

24. When grocery shopping with the hubs without baby is considered date night

25. Your collection of takeout menus has expanded because the last thing you want to do is cook.

What are some of your "mom moments"???

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