November 6, 2014

October Favorites

Mommy Favorites

Resolve Carpet Cleaner
I know this isn't beauty realated (which seems to be trend with my monthly piosts) but it for sure is mommy/housewife related. From coffee spills, to poodle messes, to dirt from husbands shoes, and all other things I found myself cleaning up this month on our living room carpet...this stuff has done the trick! It has gotten out everything out, even stains that had been there a while. Try it out!

NYX Eyebrow Makeup Kit
I've never tried an eyebrow makeup kit before but this has definitely been a great buy. It goes on so light which I really like because I feel like I can really control it. If you haven't tried an eyebrow kit or aren't pleased with the one you're currently using, you should try this one!

Maybelline lipstick
This is my favorite lipstick of all time and this color is perfect for me. I've actually used this for 2 years now and am still in love with the color, the smoothness of the lipstick and the fact that it does not taste like a crayon.

Toddler Favorites

Not a great picture, but it's the best I could get with a poodle and a toddler that wanted to grab everything :)

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy Train
I saw this toy on a commercial recently and thought Lilly would really enjoy it. I found one at Target and opened it up for her and she seem to really be intrigued with it so far!

Boots from Target
These are so cute and keep her feet warm on really cold days.

Carter's Polka Dot Toddler Jacket
Love this jacket! It has fleece lining to keep her warm and the outer shell protects from wind and rain. And of course it's polka dots, love it :)

What are some of your favorites from last month?

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