November 20, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Outfits Week 2

Ok so I only have 3 outfits to show you this week. I did a lot of house cleaning and organizing last week so there were only a few days I actually got out of the house and got dressed. So here is what I wore:
 Obsessed with my little black sweatshirt from Banana Republic! It is so comfortable and I love how it looks with a white button down underneath it.

So this weekend was so cold here and I got to actually bundle up a couple of times. The lighting is horrible in this pic but it was night time and I wanted to show you all the outfit. 
Scarf Old Navy(last year) / Navy Sweater Loft / Jeans Old Navy / Steve Madden Boots (2 years ago)

This is the outfit I wore to do a little shopping after we had a yard sale this past Saturday. It was possible the coldest morning ever here and yes we had a yard sale...and on top of that we made $100! I couldn't believe it, so we went to a couple of shops and got some necessities and Christmas presents with our earnings. 
Jacket, Sweater Old Navy / Leggings Gap Outlet (last year) / Boots Rack Room / Scarf Target


  1. I love ALL of these outfits. That monogrammed bracelet is so pretty, I have a similar tassel one that isn't personalized. Also, I adore that black shirt. I know, there are only a couple days I dress up a week, too!!

  2. Anonymous11/20/2014

    I love all of these outfits, so stylish. I love making over $80 in yard sale sells and I am glad you were able to use it worthwhile and enjoy the extra dough. I am visiting from the What Wives Wear link up. Cute blog, I can relate to the passion for fashion and mommyhood moto. I am a mom of 4 and I try to blog on fashion and parenting. I will have to follow your blog, Rachel xo