November 4, 2014

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Update: Final Pieces

So I will admit, I could not pair down to an entire 37 piece just wasn't going to happen for me with my fall/winter stuff. From working in retail I already had a good amount of classic items and quality pieces that I have been carrying over for almost 5 years now. They've lasted, still fit, and are still current. And after having Lilly last year, my body did not go back to pre-pregnancy state and I couldn't fit in those pre-preggo clothes. I wasn't concerned about fitting into those clothes, so all of those items that didn't fit me, I tossed, some still fit and I still have. But last year I invested in some newer pieces that fit my new body and my mommy lifestyle that have carried over this year. So when I was going through my fall wardrobe this year I already had a pretty well established collection for my lifestyle and the clothes fit really well.  There were just a few holes that needed to be filled and now I am done shopping until winter. Which I already know I'm probably going to need a new coat, I don't know yet, but we will find out in a couple of months when I pull that stuff out of storage.  Fall and Winter in Charleston, SC kind of just runs into each other. We don't really have an extremely cold winter, so all of my fall pieces will carry over into winter, and some of my winter pieces I will pull out and incorporate with my fall items on colder days. And again as previously mentioned my boots, booties, flats, and heels you'll see I already had invested in from years past. The key to a complete wardrobe is investing in quality classic pieces. So taking the 37 piece capsule wardrobe idea is a great way to build a foundation wardrobe with quality, classic pieces that will last you years of wear. 

So with all of that being said, I'm going in a different direction with my fall and winter capsule wardrobe. Since I already have a well established collection I'm going to show you 10 pieces that I've added this fall that I will be incorporating into my regular wardrobe and show you the countless combinations of those pieces for fall.  And I'll do the same in January for a winter capsule wardrobe. But the goal is still the same, now that I've filled some holes, I will not be shopping for any clothing until January.

So here are my pieces:
My favorite go-to fall piece right now. 

This was just too adorable to pass up at Banana Republic! 

The picture does not do the color justice in this sweater. It is a nice rich caramel color and is super soft and kind of feels like a waffle knit material. I can't wait to wear this comfy thing! 

So for the past year I have been on the hunt for a FLATTERING striped t-shirt for my body type. It has been so difficult, but I found this shirt at Old Navy and instantly fell in love with it. It is a little bit thicker then a typical t-shirt material and has a trendy zipper detailing on the back and I love the mix of print placement on the shoulders. 

Lace Shirt
 I love this deep wine color and am excited to try a lace top this year!

This is the cutest vest I've ever seen, and it's warm too! I've already worn it a couple of times :)

I haven't really been into wearing too many dresses and skirts since I had Lilly, but this year I really wanted to invest in a classic black dress that I could potentially wear all year round for special occasions. This black dress is so flattering on my body type right now and the material is super comfortable. I've always looked better in 3/4 sleeves or elbow sleeves rather than sleeveless and short sleeve so I'm really excited to wear this for the holidays. 

This was a staple that I needed to invest in this year. Last year I bought some really cheap jeans from Walmart that worked great for my postpartum body, however this year 2 of those jeans are way too big for me. I found these at Old Navy and fell in love because it has just enough distress to them without really over doing it so these are going to be my go-to casual jeans.
Blush Rampage Handbag from Marshalls
I have been searching for the right blush colored handbag for the past 2 years now that wasn't going to break the bank. This bag was only $25!! And it has a detachable messenger strap, something that I have to have in my handbags right now. 

Black Suede Booties 
I found at the end of winter at an outlet last year, so they haven't been worn yet and they were only $19!

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