November 12, 2014

Living Simply: A Cleaning Schedule that Actually Works!

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Being a successful homemaker means making everything happen from cleaning, managing finances, taking care of and nurturing your children, and being a wife to your husband. For me and a lot of other mom and housewives out there, I know I always put cleaning on the back burner to focus on something else that is more of a priority in our household. However, from looking through other mom's cleaning schedules on Pinterest and such, I have come up with a successful cleaning schedule that I can actually manage and keep up with every day. And most of my daily cleaning happens during Lilly's nap which makes knocking it out super easy. 

So here it is:

Cleaning Schedule
Takes about 1.5 hours to complete everyday

Make bed
Organize/tidy up something for 10 minutes before bed
Laundry- one load a day wash, dry, fold, put away

Master Bedroom and Bathrooms
Swiffer floors
Change bed sheets
Wipe off counters and sinks
Clean toilets
Clean showers
Tidy up towels
Organize cabinets-this doesn't happen every week
Sweep floor and mop
 Take out trash

Kitchen & Laundry Room
Wipe down counters and cabinets
Clean out fridge
Wipe down microwave and oven
Clean off, tidy up, organize coffee bar
Sweep and mop floors
Wipe down washer and dryer
Tidy up storage baskets above washer and dryer

Living Rooms
Swiffer floors
Tidy up Lilly's toys and put anything laying around away

Lilly's Room and Guest Room
Tidy up both rooms

(No cleaning besides daily work because this is the day 
Lilly and I are usually out of the house for a majority of the day)

Clean out car
Clean and tidy up carport
Yard Work- Josh
Any Outdoor or Indoor Home projects

Meal Plan and Grocery Shop

This schedule honestly works for me and I am able to do it every day and feel good even if my house isn't 100% spotless, at least it's hygienic haha :) I hope this helps you if you are struggling to figure out how to get it all done. Whatever you do, don't try and squeeze all your cleaning work into 1 day, you'll drive yourself crazy and I guarantee you won't finish everything you wanted to clean in that 1 day. And I'll be honest, some weeks we are so busy or distracted that this doesn't happen every week, but when it's time for me to really get back to it I always come back to this schedule I have created and keep in my life planner. 

Do you have a cleaning schedule that really works for you and your family? I'd love to know :)

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