November 19, 2014

My Holiday Wishlist

My Holiday Wishlist

My Holiday Wishlist by nataliemorelliwaters featuring J.Crew

Tis' the season for gift guides and wishlists flooding the internet. So in order to take part, here's a little peak at some of the things on my Christmas wishlist this year. Some beauty related items I'm wishing for are some essential oils, anything cake/cupcake flavored, a foot spa, and any cute little makeup samples to try out. In books and music I'm really wanting Grace Potter's book of photographs of her and her band from the past 10 years performing and behind the scenes (it's also signed by her!), a few of the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks (I love her and watch her show any chance I get and use a ton of her recipes), and I'm also really enjoying Florida Georgia Line this year so I would love to have their CD's to listen to in my car. In fashion related items I'm wishing for a black and brown reversible market tote, a new phone case (really love the leather stripe from JCrew), would love a Ted Baker large bow cosmetic pouch (frankly I'm just obsessed with bows right now so anything with a bow I'll love), and I have a plaid scarf pictured but I already have 2, but I love scarves in general so they make a great gift.

So that's pretty much everything on my wishlist this year....what's on your list? Would love to see your wishlists and/or gift guides so link them in the comments :)

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  1. Mike has this AWESOME Ted Baker computer bag he got from his aunt last Christmas... I am totally hoping I might be lucky enough to be the Ted Baker recipient this year ;) I also love that scarf on your list!