October 3, 2013

Adventures in Mommyhood: Taking Baby to Work

So last week I started back at work and I am so fortunate that I work in an office setting and am able to bring her to work with me. I am only doing half days right now because pretty much by the time I get her and myself ready, in the car, and to work and settled then have to actually do a few hours of work, I'm quite exhausted. By lunch time it's time for a nap for both Lilly and mommy. 

Here are some tips for any moms out there thinking about taking baby to work with them:

First of all taking your baby to work will not be the best situation for every job and work environment. If you think it will be a good fit with the kind of job you have, you will need to talk with your boss about what options you have. If you work in an office in a  cubicle or a space that doesn't have door or closed off area, is there an option for you to move to an office with a door. Discuss whether you can work on a part time basis to get you and baby acclimated and on a schedule and/or if there is a way you can do some work from home.  Once you and your boss have discussed your options and determined your schedule, a few days before (or you can even try a whole week, depending on your baby) you plan on going back to work, figure out what your schedule will be. Think about what time are YOU going to have to wake up, how long is it going to take you to get ready (shower, dressed, coffee, breakfast, etc.), what time is BABY going to wake up, how long is it going to take to get baby ready, and what time do you and baby need to leave the house to be at work on time and start planning accordingly. Think about preparing as much as you can the night before, have diaper bag packed, lunch packed for you, and anything else you'll need to take for your little one. 

Here is how it works with me and Lilly:
Lilly and I both wake up, Lilly eats 6oz bottle then lays in swing, I pump
 I eat breakfast then wash up and get dressed
I get Lilly cleaned up, changed, and in the car
Commute to work

When we get to work Lilly will eat again sometime between 8am-10am, depending on how long she naps and then I pump again. She stays awake a little bit, but is easily entertained by her bouncy seat or on her tummy time mat. I get as much work done as I possibly can with constant interruptions for her pacifier or to sit in my lap and look at the computer screen while I work. She'll usually take another short nap and wake up by 12-1, then we go home to eat lunch and we both take an afternoon nap and then I get dinner ready.

My Essentials for Taking Baby to Work

These items have helped me tremendously in having Lilly at the office with me

1. Thirty One Utility Tote to carry all my stuff in to the office

2. Thirty One lunch tote for my lunch

3. Thirty One Thermal Pouch for breast milk storage

A bouncy seat is the perfect alternative to her swing

Music is crucial in having Lilly in the office, it is the perfect background noise for her. 
You can also try Baby Einstein radio on Pandora.

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