October 10, 2013

Post Pregnancy Bucket List: 10 Things I Can Do Now that I'm Not Pregnant Anymore

I ran across this article on one woman's "bucket list" of things she can do now that she is not pregnant or nursing and was intrigued to do the same for myself. It has been a little over 2 months since I gave birth and I am still breastfeeding, but I still have my own list of things I have looked the most forward to now that I am not pregnant anymore. Some of my things are the same as hers, but I think the repetitve ones are the ones every woman who has given birth looks forward to the most after pregnancy.
Here it goes:
1- Sleeping on my Stomach!
Sleeping was so uncomfortable while pregnant, even with using a pregnancy pillow (which only helped for a few weeks out of the whole pregnancy). This has truly been amazing since it is my preferred way of sleeping. 
2- Painting my own toes!
Ok let's be honest here, bending down while pregnant is a full on chore! It takes a lot of effort and you barely reach what you are trying to get if you pick it up at all. Being able to sit on the floor and paint my own toes a few weeks after giving birth was such an accomplishment.
3- Having a Drink!
Yes I am still breastfeeding, but when I do drink I do the "pump and dump" to ensure my little one isn't getting any of the alcohol.
4- Putting my own shoes on!
Being able to put your own shoes on or fix your pant legs without having assistance is another major accomplishment after pregnancy. I was pregnant a majority of the summer and trying to put sandals on was absolutely impossible. My husband became a shoe buckling expert.
5- Being able to wear real shoes again!
During the last half of my pregnancy my feet were so swollen. Heels and wedges were totally forgot about, flats really hurt, and after a while the only thing I could put on was a flip flop or something to slide into. I love being able to actually fit in my flats, heels, and wedges without feeling pain or my feet bulging out of them.
6- COFFEE!! 
Ok I will be honest, I did drink one cup of coffee everyday while I was pregnant, most days just a half cup. Before I was pregnant I would drink one, two, even up to three cups on any given day. I am so in love with coffee, I just could not give it up entirely. I discussed it with my doctor and she said it was perfectly fine for me to actually have 2 cups of caffeine (coffee or a soda) each day, but I didn't want to overdo it. Since I am still nursing, I have not increased my caffeine intake from 1/2-1 cup of coffee each day. If I have a soda, I drink caffeine free.
7- Hiking!
I absolutely love  hiking. My husband and I love the mountains and the outdoors and before I was pregnant we used to go on spure of the moment hiking and climbing trips. The husband and I have not done this yet since she is still so young. We are headed to the mountains for our anniversary and we'll see if we can actually do a little bit of hiking with her and our baby carrier. Stay tuned!
8- Going to the Beach!
I was the most pregnant during the summer here in Charleston and was so hot inside my 70 degrees house (hot flashes were more like heat waves that never went away) the last thing I wanted to do was even step outside let alone get in a bathing suit and go to the beach, I mean just getting ready and getting in the car was a 15-20  minute ordeal. I still don't want to get in a bathing suit right now but am looking forward to putting her in her carrier and walking on the beach and hopefully next summer actually make it out for some fun and sun!
9- Wearing real clothes and shopping at non-maternity stores!
Eventhough I had some really adorable and super comfortable maternity clothes, it has been nice to not have to wear them. What I have looked forward to the most is actually shopping at non-maternity stores. As weird as it may sound, Charleston really does not have a lot of options for maternity clothes (Motherhood, A Pea in a Pod, Target's super super tiny maternity section, and one maternity and baby boutique in Mt Pleasant is all we really have), so shopping at the same stores and looking at the same things every time got really old really quick.
10- Going out without getting winded!
Being able to go out and walk around the park, downtown, the store...any sort of long walking and exercise feels so good :)  

What are some of your post pregnancy bucket list items???

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