June 23, 2014

Adventures in Mommyhood: 6-10 months

Ok, so yea, it's been quite a while since I have posted anything, but believe me I have good reasons. As a new, first time mom, there are a lot of things to get acclimated to and sometimes four months pass by without you really realizing it. So lets get started on what has been going on in my mommy adventures the past four months shall we...

So first off, Lilly hit 6 months, had her routine doctor visit with her vaccines and things were fine for a couple of days....and then... one night, all hell broke loose. Lilly decided she didn't want to sleep, she didn't want to really eat, nothing seemed to satisfy her, except to throw a hissy fit. And this lasted all day and all night, sleep regression is what I was told by the doctor (there was nothing else physically wrong). The only thing that would calm her down was her swing. Well, as of a couple of months ago, the swing swung its last swing. When the swing finally gave out and wouldn't swing anymore, it didn't seem to bother her, so I was happy! After about a week or two (I can't really remember now) of the no sleep, no eating, mommy and Lilly finally falling asleep on the couch by 4 am and so on, she finally got on a new routine...Yay me! She got back on her regular feeding schedule during the day and was taking one good nap during the day and maybe a second small nap, maybe, and would wake up once in the night. Once things were good and we were getting adjusted to the new routine, she got her first head cold/seasonal allergies. So sleeping in her rock n play started again because that was the only way she could breath besides laying on my chest. As she was getting over the cold, she started breaking out in hives....Mommy Panic set in! But all was well, apparently it is very common for babies to get hives from a cold or virus. They went away exactly one week from the first onset. Husband got really sick with a cold and allergies, Lilly got sick right after him, and then mommy got sick with a sinus infection and ear infection! Every week was something new and difficult to get through while taking her to work with me part time...I was messing things up at work and I just couldn't seem to catch a break. But things have kind of leveled off for the time being and we have settled into a good routine which I'll talk about in another post coming soon.

Here's what else went down during this time and where we are at now
- Lilly started crawling
- I decided to make a big change, quit my job, and decided to stay at home with Lilly full time for the time being
- Lilly is standing up in her crib and if she holds on to something stable
- She is also waving and saying "DADA""LALA" and "YAYA"
- Lilly is sleeping better in her crib now, wakes up maybe once or twice, sometimes has to sleep in the bed with us, sometimes she'll go right back down in her crib, but no more middle of the night bottle
- She has 2 teeth
- Loves food!

So I am hoping to make this new change of being a full time stay at home mom as fulfilling as I can! 

Stay tuned :)

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