December 1, 2014

Let's Be Thankful Swap Reveal

So I participated in a Thanksgiving, let's be thankful swap this year and was paired with Kayla. She and I got to know each other really well through numerous emails back and forth and she sent me the perfect gift from our conversations. She sent me this learn to sew book called "1-2-3 Sew: Build Your Skills with 33 Simple Projects." I have been talking about learning how to sew for the past couple of years now and next year I am bound and determined to get started. My husband has gotten me a sewing machine for Christmas this year and now with this book, I have the ability to embark on this new venture. She was so thoughtful and really took into account our conversations to pick this out. I'm so thankful to have met a new friend and I look forward to keeping in touch with her. 


  1. What an awesome gift to pair with your new sewing machine! Thank you so much for participating in the swap :)

  2. This is so awesome! I need one of those books. Thanks for participating in our swap :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine