July 28, 2015

Life Update: Where the heck have I been?!?

Well it's no surprise that I have been MIA for a little while and it's for good reason...LIFE got in the way. My mom had an accident and went through surgery and is still undergoing physical therapy and during this whole time I have been taking care of her, a rambunctious toddler, and trying to fit any sort of me time in between my husband being on-call during this crazy summer heat. Things have started lightening up and I have been able to fit more me time in. 

During these past few months, my stress, diet, exercise have just been so scattered and crazy that I was also starting to get really bad hormonal acne. Gross, I know, but I tried so many things like cutting dairy almost completely out of my diet, switching skincare products and trying drugstore, high end, and even home remedies to help. Nothing was really helping 100%, so what did I do, I got on Pinterest and started looking up products to use for hormonal acne, and somehow or another I came across this company called Perfectly Posh. There were a ton of reviews for acne, especially adult and hormonal acne. The company has fun products that are made in the USA, naturally-based, cruelty free, with vegan options too. I couldn't believe the cuteness in the packaging, the wide assortment of products and everything was under $25. After researching a little more I also discovered that it is a direct sell company and you could make it a business if you wanted to. I went back and forth, researched the company and products a ton, reached out to other consultants, watched Youtube videos and asked some friends and family what they thought before making the decision to join on. I decided it would be a better deal to join and buy the starter kit to get a feel for a variety of the products to see if they worked and if I would actually like them. And boy can I tell you my life has forever been changed! The first time I tried the facewash and moisturizer that came in my kit, I could see a difference the next morning! My breakouts were starting to clear up and I was in love with everything I tried.

I have started this new pampering journey in order to make more me time and do something fun for myself and for my friends and family. I love to pamper and spoil and this gives me an excuse to really have some girl time! If you want to know more about the products and the company head on over to my website and my Facebook Group Page to see what it's all about. I will be doing more reviews on Posh products because they are fabulous and really work! 

I was too embarrassed to take any before and after pictures, but I did manage to take a picture of the products I was using before and what I switched too from Perfectly Posh:
What I was using before that was not helping my breakouts 100%:
(I used to and still really love my Estee Lauder, but the breakouts I was getting were not being treated well enough)
Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Facewash and Toner
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Face and Eye Serum
Neutrogena Naturals Moisturizer  
What I tried first from Perfectly Posh :

 I have to say the BFF face wash is amazing and makes your skin feel great, I love to use in the shower and let the hot steam really work with the cleanser to get deep into my pores. I've had a really hard time with moisturizers over the years and the Night and Day moisturizer is exactly what I had been hunting for! The eye serum has already helped my "mommy gets no rest" under eye circles too! Can't go wrong with this combo :) 


  1. Great review Natalie!! I get breakouts too, I call it mommy acne. From pregnancy to nursing to stress to no sleep, its a wonder any mom looks halfway decent. Glad to hear you're getting more time to take care of yourself!!

    Tara Belle
    Northern Lights - Southern Belles

    1. That's a great name for it Tara, mommy acne! It's terrible haha I've also been trying out some of the face masks and they are really helping! We all deserved a little pampering right?! ;-)

  2. I love hearing about new skincare products. It's been such a focus of mine recently. I never really cared before because I never had skin problems but needed a change when I started looking tired, even though I wasnt. I do have products I love but thanks for sharing yours!

    1. Same here! This past year I have been so into beauty and skincare products and trying out new things! I had literally been using the same makeup and beauty products for like almost 5 years and one day I was like there is this whole world out there of products to try, where do I get started haha If you're interested in trying out some posh products I'd be happy to send you some things to review if you'd like...who doesn't want to be pampered?!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog :)