December 10, 2013

Baby's 1st Christmas Gift Ideas

A baby's first Christmas is an exciting and joyous moment in parenthood, but deciding on gifting for such a young baby can be kind of a headache. You don't want to overdo it because they more than likely can't open the gifts themselves and won't remember a thing. Here are some tips I have for gift ideas for baby's first Christmas: 

Think about your baby's age on their first Christmas and think about any items that you do not have for your little one that you may not have received when they were born. 

Lilly is going to be 4 months old on her first Christmas and a Jumperoo is going to be her big Christmas present from us. She's starting to get bored with her swing and tummy time mat sometimes so I think she's going to love this with all the activities she can do on it.

Clothes are always a good choice for a Christmas gift for a baby.

Developmental toys are a great idea as well. I have gotten a bunch of 3m+ and 6m+ toys for her from Marshall's and TJmaxx (they start at $3). Also,  a good tip when shopping for developmental toys is to utilize website's search by age tool to get ideas on gifts.

Stuffed animals are always a safe choice.

Books are also great. I think Lilly is going to have a small library after Christmas with books from us and the grandparents.

Since Lilly is going to be starting on food a couple of months after Christmas and she's starting to want to hold her bottle I have gotten her a trainer cup for her stocking. Trainer cups are good for babies that are 3m+ to get them started on using cups instead of bottles.

I hope this helps you other parents out there trying to decide on how to get gifts for your baby's first Christmas. Think about your baby's age and don't go too overboard :)

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