December 5, 2013

Lilly's First Thanksgiving and 4 months

We spent Lilly's first Thanksgiving in North Carolina with Josh's family. We had a great time with family, amazing food, and Lilly loved his mom's Christmas tree, she couldn't stop looking at it. She wore an adorable thanksgiving outfit from my aunt and cooperated very well when we decided to go to Target, Michaels and Dick's sporting goods at 8pm on Thanksgiving. Yes we are crazy, but the crowd was not that bad where we were in North Carolina so shopping was quick and easy. 

Thanksgiving outfit

Doesn't look too thrilled to go black friday shopping

Mommy and Lilly snuggles

Daddy's girl

Lilly did pretty okay on the trip. She slept the entire 4 hour drive to Josh's mom's house. We stayed for 2 nights then went to Josh's dad's house for one night and one day (drove back Saturday night). She was fussy and upset on and off the entire weekend because she was out of her normal routine and not at home. I learned that even though I can pretty much take her anywhere with me (ie if we go shopping, run errands, or go grocery shopping) going out of town and being with a lot of people that she doesn't recognize on the norm just throws her into sporadic hissy fits where she just wants to be alone with mommy. She was better at Josh's mom's house because she was fascinated with all the Christmas decorations and had been to her house before so once she got re-acclamted she was better. But it was her first time to Josh's dad's house and by the time we got there she was just done with the entire weekend. She was ready to be at home in her house. She had more fits and I constantly was taking her into the back bedroom to just be alone with me, which was the only way I could get her to somewhat calm down. Going to two different places in one weekend with a lot of different people was just too much for her. Next year we might invite everyone to us. 

But we got some adorable pictures while she was happy! 

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