April 2, 2015

Influenster Voxbox Products Review

So I received my Walgreens #DiscoverNewFavorites Voxbox to review a few days ago and am so excited to share my first box from Influenster with you and the two products I tried out. As you may know by now if you follow my blog, Dove soap and body wash has been an all time favorite of mine for years. I had actually been wanting to try this new scent but hadn't purchased it yet and I was really excited when I opened my box. I have been using Dove body wash religiously for YEARS, I love it so much that I even have a little stock pile growing thanks to couponing. This revitalizing body wash feels so luxurious on the skin and actually leaves your skin clean and moisturized after you get out of the shower and the citrus and flower scent is so nice and refreshing which makes it the perfect body wash for the spring and summer. I have naturally oily skin and this body wash works great for that, I've never felt like my body was oily throughout the day and my skin hasn't felt dry or stripped of anything either. Try it out if you're interested, I almost guarantee you will never go back to any other body wash or soap.

I also received this new Intensive Care Healing Serum from Vaseline in my box. I haven't really tried any Vaseline products at all, but I have been seeing some of their new products around in stores and have been intrigued in trying them. My arms, elbows, hands and feet are the driest parts of my body and this winter had my skin at its ultimate driest. I tried this after I took a shower and put it on those dry areas and completely fell in love with the formula, it's the quickest drying lotion I've ever tried. I felt really moisturized but not sticky and it drys super fast. The only thing I don't like is the scent. It doesn't have a description of the scent and it doesn't claim to be fragrance free but the scent is a little too much for's a very strong, mature floral scent to it.

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