July 21, 2014

Mommy Favorites for Baby: June

Mommy Favorites for Baby

Mommy Favorites for Baby by nataliemorelliwaters on Polyvore

Super easy to clean when your child starts eating solid food and makes a huge mess! Just rinse them off and they are good to go. Very convenient for us!

These wipes are 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. They are an all purpose baby wipe when cleaning up your child. I used to carry like 5 different types of wipes (wet ones, hand and face wipes, boogie wipes,  baking soda pacifier/toy wipes, etc) but now I found these at Walgreens and only carry these and a thing of wet ones. 

Gold fish and cheerios
Lilly loves her snacks...they, amongst many other different baby snacks that we have for her, are a life saver when she gets bored while I'm running errands or shopping.

This stroller is so easy to handle and maneuver and is super light weight. It's perfect now that she has gotten older and doesn't need to be in the carrier anymore. I sold both of my other strollers at a local consignment shop and got this one. It comes in a lot of different colors which I love as well! 

This is one my favorite diaper bag brands! They are functional and washable, yes can throw them in the washing machine and viola, they are clean again, and come in so many different styles and prints equipped with matching accessories to fit any and all of your mommy/baby needs. 

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