July 28, 2014

Weekend Shopping Haul

So Friday night I scored some awesome pieces for me and Lilly from Old Navy that are going to be great pieces for the fall. Almost everything was on sale in the store so there were so many things I wanted but had to restrain from haha :)
So I scored a pair of polka dot sneakers which are so cute and comfy, an army green jacket to replace my old one that was too small, and a pair of drawstring printed ankle pants that feel like dressy pajamas...I can't wait to wear them!
For Lilly I scored a matching jacket, a cute t-shirt and a printed romper for next spring/summer. 

So I would say it was a nice, successful shopping haul and the best part I got all of this for way less then $100! Score for me :) 

What are some things you picked up this weekend? 

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