February 2, 2015

Adventures in Mommyhood: 18 Months

I can't believe Lilly is already 18 months old. Time has flown by, just yesterday we celebrated her 1st birthday. Things have been going very smoothly since she turned 1 and she is on a very precise schedule. She is now going to preschool 3 times a week because I have gone back to work very part time and she is loving every minute of it. Her teachers are great and she's really benefited from the interaction with her teachers and the other kids, which is something she really needed. She does great with the other kids and she has been learning a lot everyday. She has transitioned to one long nap a day right after she gets home from preschool and goes to sleep on her own every night around 7:30 and sleeps all through the night! We did move her into a bigger room and her and I both love it. I get a bulk of my house work done when she is napping and after she goes to sleep at night. Other then those times it's close to impossible to keep the house tidy when she is awake and playing. 

She loves being outside

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