February 18, 2015

Coffee Talk: My Coffee Favorites :)

Something different that I haven't done yet or even talked about really is my love affair with coffee. Coffee has been a daily thing of mine since I started high school. I can not go a day without a super hot cup (or 2) of delicious coffee, even in the summer.

So here are some of my coffee favorites and how I drink my coffee on a daily basis:

So my go-to coffee Josh and I buy in huge containers is Folgers Simply Gourmet Coffee in Black Silk.

How many cups of coffee do I drink a day: 2-3

When I want a little sweetness I use a little bit of Almond Milk and a tsp of Sugar in the Raw.

If I ever venture into flavors, my all time favorite is hazelnut.

Heart coffee mug is from Walgreens 

Our coffee mug storage above our coffee bar

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