February 24, 2015

My Skincare Routine


Dove Body Wash
I use this every time I take a shower in the mornings. I have been such a huge fan of Dove soap and Dove body wash for years now. My skin feels so clean and moisturized without feeling like there's a residue on it.

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser
This cleanser I've also been using for about a year now and I absolutely love it. This is a cleanser that actually works and makes my skin look and feel absolutely amazing.

CVS Exfoliating Apricot Wipes
These wipes I typically use at night to get some of my makeup off, but some days when I'm in a pinch for time or am just super exhausted, I use these on my face and they make my skin feel cleansed and awake. 

Olay Face Moisturizer
I still haven't found like a "Holy-Grail" moisturizer that really works on my skin, but this moisturizer has been a go-to of mine for the past few years. I always go back to this one because it does work on my oily skin and doesn't leave a residue on my face either, it really does soak into the skin.

Honest Company Lavendar Mint Lip Balm
This lip balm is so moisturizing! Use it by itself or as a base before applying your main lip product.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Hand Cream
After I put my makeup up on wash my hands really good I love to put on a hand cream to moisturize my hands in the morning. This hand cream is so soft and soaks in really fast so you you're not walking around with greasy hands afterward.


 Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Face Wash with my Clarisonic
I use my Clarisonic every night to really deep clean my face and get all the makeup, dirt, excess oil and dead skin off my face. My Clarisonic has dramatically improved my skin and has faded a lot of my scaring. I use to use it once a week, but at the beginning of this year started using it every night and what a difference it has made!

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Toner
I love this toner! It is light and doesn't completely dry out my skin but really helps give it that extra clean feeling. I use this toner down my neck and on my chest too to make sure I'm getting and excess dirt and oil off my skin.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Face and Eye Serum
I've talked about these before here. I'm still loving them and they have improved my skin so much.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist Cream Moisturizer
This moisturizer I have been using all winter because my skin has been unbearably dry. I tend to have really oily/combination skin, however this winter has been the driest winter I have ever experienced. This moisturizer I only use at night because it is super hydrating and kind of greasy(takes a super long time to set into the skin and still has a greasy feel). If I use it in the morning my skin is way to oily and my makeup doesn't sit on it properly. So I use it at night to really moisturize my skin while I sleep and my skin looks and feels really hydrated when I wake up.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Crean
I use this on my hands, arms, feet...really anywhere I feel like my skin is super dry before I go to bed and it's really been helping with the dryness and itchiness that my skin has right now. 

Clinique Acne Treatment
I got this as a sample and once my skin started breaking out a lot I started using this at night to see if it helped. I'm telling you this stuff works wonders overnight! Within 2-3 days my really stubborn under the skin breakouts were gone and little breakouts disappeared. I think I might have to purchase this product!

Apricot Scrub
I use this scrub in the shower about twice a week and exfoliate my whole body with it. Apricot scrub is something I've been using since high school and it's always been a skincare staple for me.

Green Mask
This mask is amazing! I don't even know where I got this or how (I think it might have been a gift or gift with purchase or something) but this mask is amazing! I use this when my skin is breaking out a lot and this mask clears it up. It really does wonders on lifting all the dirt and gunk out of your skin. LOVE IT!

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