February 10, 2015

First Impression: Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

I have been wanting to start trying out new makeup products lately since my makeup routine has seriously been the same for about 4 years now. Same products, same brands, same, same, same. I was getting bored and wanting to venture out and try some of the abundance of new stuff at the drugstore that I have been seeing lately. And seeing that I am a busy mom-on-the-go, I really need products that serve multiple purposes and hopefully will streamline my makeup routine so that I'm not spending too much time doing my makeup.

So after watching dozens of YouTube videos and scanning Pinterest, I decided the first thing I was going to try was the Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation. It is claimed to be a long wearing foundation that has lasting power of a primer, coverage like a concealer, and a blendability of an all day foundation with SPF 20 built into it as a bonus.

My First Impression
The first day I wore the foundation I instantly loved it. First thing is that it has a pump which makes things so much easier to use! It covered and blended beautifully and, unlike Revlon Colorstay, I didn't feel like I was wearing a ton of makeup. It is definitely a medium coverage foundation that is build-able to full coverage. I do have to cover up some problem spots with concealer but I'm certainly not using as much concealer as I was with my old routine. The color is a pretty good match, I still have trouble with colors from the drugstore, but it blended nicely and lasted all day. And even though it does have SPF in it, it does not have that over powering sunscreen smell to it, it doesn't have much of a fragrance at all to me. So as of right now I'm really liking this foundation and its satin-matte finish on my skin. I hate true matte foundations because they make my face feel and look chalky, but this one has a little dewiness/glow to it that doesn't battle with my oily skin.

Could this be my next holy-grail foundation?!?
We'll see...
I'll be sure to check back in a few weeks with my full and final review on this foundation :)
 Stay tuned!

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