October 2, 2014

My Personal Color Analysis

So I have been wanting to do a color analysis for myself for a few years, but wanted to find a way I could do it myself without having to pay for it since it's not in my budget. After doing a little searching online, I came across this Free Online Color Analysis Tool which is awesome. You upload a picture and adjust it in the frame that it provides, then it gives you seasonal options and tonal options to choose from. You don't have to sign up for anything or create a log in which is something I really liked. I could go back and do it as many times as I wanted to to see all the results generated.

Here are my results:


My favorite tonal color scheme generated is Muted! I just love these colors and have been really drawn toward these lately. My 2nd favorite being Light, then dark and warm lastly. I like the colors in bright and cool, however I don't wear those that often in my clothing, I'll use those in my accessories like shoes, scarves, bags, or jewelry. But one color I pretty much never wear unless it's Christmas or July, is red. I just don't like the way red looks on me and it's just one of those colors that I don't like to wear unless it's for seasonal purposes ;)


The seasonal color schemes generated are amazing. I was really pleased with all of my color choices. I will use the seasonal colors when I'm shopping and going through my wardrobe throughout the year. The tonal colors I think I will use as a general reference for everyday and then break those down into the seasonal pieces. So all in all I really like this tool and highly recommend this if you are curious about seeing what colors work for you, needing something for a special occasion but are having trouble with colors,  or if you are going through and really planning a nice wardrobe for yourself. Whatever the case may be, I say try it out for yourself and see how you like it! 

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