October 9, 2014

September Toddler Favorites

September Toddler Favorites

September Toddler Favorites by nataliemorelliwaters featuring home decor

Gund Fuzzy Monkey
I bought this for Lilly months ago and this is her absolute favorite thing. She went crazy for it in the store when I showed it to her and she carries it around the house with her everywhere in the mornings. This is her little buddy.

Her favorite things to watch are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Princess Sofia, Sesame Street, Tinkerbell movies and other PBS and some Disney Junior shows. 

Her favorite book is Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. She finds it in her toy bin and will bring it to me to read it to her. She lifts her foot at every toe part, it's so cute.

These two Little People toys are her favorite to play with right now. She likes taking all the things out and putting them back in. She loves to hit the music buttons on the ride on cart over and over again. 

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