October 7, 2014

September Mommy Favorites

Laneige moisturizer
This moisturizer is my new favorite moisturizer that I found at Target. It is a gel moisturizer which is great for my combination/oily skin. I tend to find creams and lotions are too heavy for my skin and a gel moisturizer really gets deep into the skin rather just sitting on top. It's made from mineral water, aloe, and other extracts that really sooth and moisturize deep into the skin. Love this!

Naked 3 Palette
My mom got this palette for me and it's is my new favorite eye palette to play with in the mornings. I haven't tried the other two palettes yet but to me this palette has a more neutral/pinkish tone to the colors which is totally different then the true browns and neutrals I have been wearing for years. I really like the colors so far and I think they look really good with my skin tone and eye color. The eyeshadow stays on all day perfectly as well. I definitely say try one of the Naked palettes out if you get the chance.

Luna Bars Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
These are delicious and a perfect snack/treat when on the go with Lilly.

Cake Batter Chapstick
I am obsessed with everything cupcake or cake flavored right now and this Chapstick is so yummy. OBSESSED!

Vera Bradley All in One Crossbody
This is the perfect mom-on-the go wallet/clutch/crossbody when you need to be hands free or just need to take your wallet with you. This has been a great purchase and I just love that I can wear it multiple ways without really thinking about it. 

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