October 27, 2014

The Mountains Were Calling

So this past weekend, we decided to take a very last minute, spur of the moment trip to see my mother in law and spend a day in the mountains. And by last minute, I mean my husband called me at lunch time on Friday and had this idea and I said I'll start packing! We left Friday evening after dinner so Lilly could sleep on the way up to his mom's house and then we woke up at 5 am on Saturday and hit the road to Boone, NC area. This area is one of my and Josh's favorite places and we love to visit any chance we get. The last time we visited the area was this same time last year for our first anniversary trip. Lilly had so much fun on the trip and my in laws loved it! We had a blast hiking, sight seeing, and light shopping. This trip was well needed for all of us and we look forward to doing it again :)

We went shopping on King Street and Lilly had fun on the street with Josh while his mom and I shopped around. She was fascinated with the leaves on the ground and wanted to pick every single one up and give it to someone. 


  1. What a great weekend! I also see those commercials on tv about the "mountains calling" and I want to take a trip so badly!

    1. You should def take a weekend trip! So relaxing and good for your soul :D